Organizers: Thank you!

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Many weeks of preparation for CCC's Inter-barangay chess tournament.

Kudos to the organizers!

cabatuan-chess-club_0067-31 by cabatuanchess

 Neat huh?!

cabatuan-chess-club_0071-35 by cabatuanchess

The Checklist

cabatuan-chess-club_0078-42 by cabatuanchess 
The Recurridas

cabatuan-chess-club_0104-65 by cabatuanchess 
Setting-up the CCC Banner

cabatuan-chess-club_0111-72 by cabatuanchess
More banners

cabatuan-chess-club_0312-273 by cabatuanchess
Getting it done. ASAP.

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0934 by cabatuanchess
 Tournament programme

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0933 by cabatuanchess
 The Armory

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