Below you will find a list of Sponsors & Supporters who's generous contributions have helped make the Cabatuan Chess Club possible. Big thanks to our sponsors!

CCC's 1st Rapid Chess Tournament (March 2010) in
cooperation with Engr. Ricky Muyuela

CCC Sponsor Engr. Ricky Muyuela
CCC's 1st Rapid Chess Tournament Sponsored by Engr. Ricky Muyuela (event main sponsor) 

More sponsors of this event:

Rural Bank of Cabatuan (Iloilo), Inc.

Junior V Hardware & Agricultural Products

MicroSavers Bank (Rural Bank of Malinao)

Iloilo - I Electric Cooperative, Inc.

CCC's Inter-barangay Chess Tournament (February 2010) Sponsors:

Special thanks to Engr. Jose Maroma (JBM Plaza) and Engr. Ricky Muyuela for their financial support extended to the Cabatuan Chess Club (CCC).

Cabatuan West Cost
The Association of Cabatuananons in California, U.S.A

The Cabatuananons
East Coast of America

Cabatuan.com Portal

If you would like your name or your companies name to be listed here, and are interested in helping to support Chess in Cabatuan, Iloilo, please contact us.

Mailing Address:
Cabatuan Chess Club
JBM Business Plaza
Bermejo St., Cabatuan, Iloilo
5031, Philippines


Yours in Chess,

The Cabatuan Chess Club 
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