CCC's Inter-Barangay Chess Tournament results

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Last February 21 and 22, 2010 Cabatuan Chess Club sponsored an Inter-Barangay Chess Tournament. Cabatuan Barangays competed with a total of 29 chess players.

Michael Galindo of Regidor St. (Poblacion Zone IV) got the 3rd place, 2nd place goes to Hubert Canto of Barangay Pamul-ogan and the Inter-Barangay Chess Tournament champion is Lemuel Rodrigues of Barangay Pagotpot, Cabatuan.


The winners received cash prizes and chess boards as trophies.

1st prize P3,000.00
2nd prize P2,000.00
3rd prize P1,000.00

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0895 by cabatuanchess
Tournament champion, Lemuel Rodrigues of Barangay Pagotpot

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0897 by cabatuanchess
 2nd place,  Hubert Canto of Barangay Pamul-ogan

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0894 by cabatuanchess
3rd place, Michael Galindo of Regidor St.

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0886 by cabatuanchess 
1st prize winner and tournament champion Lemuel Rodrigues receiving cash prize and chessboard.

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0782 by cabatuanchess
 We also would like to thank the supportive parents of the kids who participated in the event.

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'Green balloon'  greener is better...Cabatuan Chess Club also supports environmental awareness.
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