CCC's Inter-Barangay Chess Tournament

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On Saturday, February 21 and 22, 2010 Cabatuan Chess Club sponsored an Inter-Barangay Chess Tournament. Cabatuan Barangays competed with a total of 29 chess players. The 2-day event is great and filled with chess, food and fun.

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0781 by cabatuanchess

A big thank you to all our fellow cabatuananons who helped make this event an amazing success!

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0804 by cabatuanchess

cabatuan-chess-club-inter-barangay-chess-tournament-feb-2010_0917 by cabatuanchess
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