Ang Paklang, The Welcome Arc in Cabatuan

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When you visit our town of Cabatuan, you can see a big leaf arch of a "paklang" of banana. This big leaf arch symbolizes the specialty of Cabatuanon, which the saging leaf is the major tool used in cooking their food specialty, the Tinuom na manok.

The big paklang leaf serves as double purpose for it can be used also as a shed when you are walking through the town plaza.

The Cabatuan Chess Club invites you to visit Cabatuan, and taste our specialty, the Tiunom na manok.

cabatuan-chess-club_0316-277 by cabatuanchess
Picture taken at 6pm

cabatuan-chess-club_0225-186 by cabatuanchess 
 Picture taken at 5pm

cabatuan-chess-club_0313-274 by cabatuanchess
  Picture taken at 4pm

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